Welcome to Austin Family Mental Health, where everyone deserves to live Free from Anxiety...Free from Fear...Free from Loneliness.

We are an established multi-provider psychiatric practice located in South Austin.

  •  William Holcomb has been a Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing in Austin since 1997. He is the Supervising Physician.
  • We put care of the patient first above profits, accept insurances, and offer the most affordable rates in Austin.
  • In addition to Dr.Holcomb, we have six board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners.
  • Austin Family Mental Health has been providing professional care for the full spectrum of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatric disorders since 2007.

The care I receive at Austin Family Mental Health has always been exceptional. I’ve been a patient here for quite some time and each visit reaffirms my choice. The staff exudes warmth, always ready to assist with a friendly demeanor. Dr. Holcomb, with his kind, funny, and down-to-earth personality, makes the hard conversations feel like a breeze. It’s a place where I feel seen, heard, and cared for. Highly recommend!

Tim K.

Psychiatric Assessments & Diagnostic Services

The first step in professional treatment is an accurate Diagnosis. We provide a full evaluation for each patient.

Professional Medication Management

Medications are an important component of treatment. We adhere to ‘First Do No Harm” and prescribe as few pills as possible.

Professional Therapy

The most important part of care is addressing each patient based on their unique experiences. All our providers are trained in Supportive Individual Therapy. Dr.Holcomb has provided Insight-oriented Group Therapy for over twenty five years.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Care

Substance abuse is a common but often serious symptom of other underlying disorders. We provide Medication assisted therapy for Alcohol abuse and Buprenorphine for Opioid abuse.

Not just another prescription.

Austin Family Mental Health provides Assessment and Diagnoses to treat the full spectrum of Psychiatric Disorders including Major Depression and Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Stress-related Disorders, ADHD. AFMH treats all Substance Use disorders including Alcohol abuse and provide Suboxone as medication assisted therapy for Opioid Dependence. We take a unique and common sense approach to the controversial diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Our approach is to treat the individual with as few pills as possible and as much good therapy s possible to address the issue at the source.

Austin Family Mental Health is far from ordinary. We are here to provide you with the highest standard of mental health care, and there are no compromises when it comes to your well-being. Dr. Bud Holcomb, the founder and sole owner, ensures that profits take a back seat, emphasizing our commitment to prioritizing people’s welfare above all else.

Join us on a journey to better mental health at Austin Family Mental Health, where compassion, expertise, and a welcoming atmosphere await you. Your well-being is our mission, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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